Uses of Photoshop In Points

Photoshop is the most loved software. Its uses do not have any limits. Even after having many competitors in this field, Adobe Photoshop’s popularity has only increased. There are so many uses of photoshop that we cannot list them in one single article. So we have listed down the most basic and common ways you can use Photoshop for.

A graphics-editing program, Photoshop, was created in the year 1987 by two brothers John and Thomas. This software has only gained popularity since its inception, even though many similar softwares have been launched. But only Photoshop has been able to gain a cult following.

1. Basic and Professional Level Editing

Photoshop editing

If you think only graphic designers or web designers who make logos, pamphlets, design websites can work on Photoshop; then think again. Newbies or people who do not know photoshop can also work on Photoshop. You can do basic editing that includes; retouching, removing blemished spots, adding filters, changing background, etc. In fact, many people start with basic editing only, and even photographers use adobe photoshop for this only. Then there are professional-level editing tools that brands use for their work.

2. Gifs

Yes, you can also make gifs in Photoshop. You can use different frames, add them together and make your own gifs. You can also make cinemagraphs, where one part of your still photo is continuously looping, but you will need to practice a lot for making cinemagraphs in Photoshop.

3. Photo Manipulation

The photos of a giraffe with a human body or plants growing on a face. All these pictures you see on social media these days are mostly done in photoshop. These awe-inspiring images that usually cannot happen in real life are called image manipulation. I have seen many people who do it as a hobby also. Because here, you can let loose your creativity and make anything possible. Whatever it may be, either be it a castle on clouds or a frog with wings. You can make anything happen in photoshop.

4. Brand Work

Photoshop can help you run a business. From making logos to social media posts, pamphlets, flyers, visiting cards, and product photography editing. Photoshop can do all these things. Want to know how you can use photoshop for your business. Check out this article –

5. Digital Painting

Digital Painting

Do you see these beautiful landscape paintings online and wonder how and where it is made. Do you also want to try these? For that, you will need photoshop software. These paintings look like real paintings. Like they have been drawn on a real canvas. Because this software uses digital tools that are similar to traditional techniques of painting like oils and watercolor. There are better softwares out there, but you can start with Photoshop and expand later if you like.

6. Creating Patterns

There are different preset patterns in photoshop. You can also download them from online websites. If you can not find the one you are looking for, then you can just create your own in photoshop and save them for future purposes later. You can use any image as a pattern. Just remember to keep the feather setting at 0, and there you go, make as many new patterns as you want for your clothes or background.

7. Photo Restoration

Like we said earlier, you can use photoshop for editing, retouching photos, etc., but you can also restore your old and damaged pictures. It’s pretty rare to use this feature because these days, all our photos are saved digitally. But if you have old family photos of your parents or grandparents, then it is a great option. There are tools like noise reduction filter, clone stamp tool, vanishing point tool, and many others available in photoshop. You can use these depending on your needs. Even though we do not need photo restoration because we also save most of our photos digitally, but we do have old family photos of our parents or grandparents.

8. Memes and Quotes

These days we see so many memes trending on social media sites. Even big brands are also posting these to promote their brand and increase their sales. Then there are quotes, some life-changing, some funny. They can all be designed, photoshopped, and written in Photoshop.

9. Video Editing

Even though Photoshop is not the best video editor out there, it does a decent enough job of basic editing work. The thing with photoshop is that it may not be the best in everything, but it has all the possible features and is an all-rounder. If you need to edit a basic video, then you can use photoshop. Having said that, it is not a great video editor but, it will do the job.

10. Web Designing

A presentable and functional website is a must in this digital era where everything has gone online. A website and make or break your sales. There are so many good tutorials and websites that can teach you how to make a basic website that is simple yet functional.

11. Different Layouts

You can make different layouts, kike magazine, booklet layouts and turn them into templates which you can use again.


These are some of the uses of photoshop. There are so many other things you can use photoshop for but, these were some of basic things you can do in it. If you want to know some other uses of photoshop, then check out this article. Take advantage of the versatile features of this app and have fun.

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