How to Rotate in Photoshop

  • Transform Tool
  • Where is Transform Tool?
  • How to rotate image?
  • How to rotate layers
  • How to rotate selection?
  • How to temporarily rotate canvas?
  • How to permanently rotate canvas?
  • How to rotate multiple layers together?
  • Conclusion

Transform Tool

To rotate anything in Photoshop, we use the transform tool and before knowing how to do that, let us know the basics of the transform tool. It is one of the features of Photoshop through which we can rotate, flip, warp and do many more things. 

Different Options in transform tools

  • Scale – with the scale tool, you can increase or decrease the size from a fixed point.
  • Rotate – you can turn it anyway.
  • Skew – tilt an object horizontally or vertically
  • Distort –  
  • Perspective –  
  • Warp – you can change the shape of an object
  • Rotate – them at a specific angle
  • Flip – flips the image vertically or horizontally.

In this case, we will mostly use Rotate Tool.

What tool do we use for rotating an image in Photoshop

We use the transform tool to rotate or resize images in Photoshop. It helps in rotation, distortion, skew, scale, and perspective images.

Where is the Transform tool in Photoshop/ short cut key

You can find the transform tool in the menu bar inside the edit option.

There you will find the Transform option and free transform.

The shortcut key for the transform tool is Ctrl+t or Cmd/t.

How to Rotate an image in 1 easy step

It’s all about using the transform tool

Let’s see how – 

  • Select the image. Press ctrl+t or cmd+t.
  • Now you can rotate or resize it as you want or go to edit and free transform or select your image- image rotation here you can choose whatever angle you want your image to rotate.
  • Transform tool (about transform tools warp resize with pictures)
  • Press ctrl+t cmd+t after selecting your layer, image, text.
  • A transform box will appear around the area you have selected. If you hover your mouse over the corner of the transform box, a curve point will appear. Use that curve point to rotate the image from the corners of the transform box.
  • If you want to rotate your shape to a specific angle, select the shape and press ctrl+t. When the transform box appears, you will see some options appear on the top bar. Click on this icon and enter the angle you want to move your shape, press enter.

Rotating layers

The same is the process with layers. A simple way and works for texts, shapes, Layers, and selections too.

Rotating selection

  • Select the area from the image you want to rotate with the help of a selection tool.
  • Press ctrl+j. It will duplicate the selected area on a new layer.
  • Go to the new layer. Press ctrl+t and rotate the selection as you want.


Do not forget to duplicate the selected area. Rotating the selection on the original layer will only cut that part and rotate it, which will lead to a transparent background peeking through the layer.

Temporary canvas rotation

Press R. But remember it is not permanent. If you export this image, it will not be saved the way you have rotated it. It is great for viewing from a different perspective. It also works great for painting on an area that is a little difficult to draw because of the angle.

  • Image
  • Image Rotation
  • Select the angle at which you want to rotate our image.

Permanent canvas rotation

To permanently rotate your canvas go to image rotation – you will get three options of rotating your image – 180, 90 clockwise, 90 counterclockwise. Try these and select whatever you like. After choosing from one of these options, save the image. It will be saved at that angle at which you rotated it.

How to rotate multiple layers together?

Go to the Layers panel, click on the layer you want to rotate, press control, and select other layers. Now you will see both of your layers are selected. Press Ctrl +T and rotate or move the layers together.


I have covered everything about the rotate tool you will need to work with it. I hope it was helpful. If you want to learn more about Photoshop, check out these articles.

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