How to Animate Still Photos Online for Free

Gifs are a popular way to grab people’s attention on social media. Be it brands or influencers. Everyone is using gifs to increase their reach or sales. These 30-second gifs can hold someone’s attention way better than a still photo. People are likely to watch gifs, cinemagraphs, and short videos than pictures. Also, they are fun to watch. If you want to make gifs from your still images without downloading any apps and that too for free, then check out this list. Here we have listed the top 10 free gif making websites online which are free and easy to use.

1. Ezgif

This web app is free to use. Actually, all the apps in this list are free to use. I use this all the time as it is easy to use. You can upload png, jpg’s as many as with a max 6 Mb file size each or 100Mb in total. You can also upload a video file and convert it into a gif. There are other free features like- converting video to gif, resizing, crop, cut, reverse, add text. You can change delay time and add effects that make gif which makes it loop better.

How to use Ezgif

  • Click on Gif Maker on top left.
  • Click on choose files under select images.
  • Then press upload and make a Gif.
  • You will have options like delay time, loop count and effects. I keep count empty and dlay time to 90/100.
  • Press on make a gif.
  • You can crop, resize, optimize, reverse, effects etc before saving.
  • Once you are happy with your gif, click on save.

2. Canva

Third, on the list is Canva which is also a popular graphic design platform. Canva has a free online gif maker. There are illustrations, stickers, and other graphics which you can add to your photos and make them attractive. There are free as well as premium animations. You can also add movements like flicker, pop, skate to grab attention. But you cannot make gifs without registration or login.

How to use Canva Gifmaker

  • Login or register.
  • Click on make a gif. It will take you to the templates page, where you can choose any template you like.
  • You can add or remove things. You can add your pictures, change the colour of the words etc. It is pretty easy and fun to use.
  • Here I have added my picture and changed it.
  • Once you have done all the changes, there’s a download option on the top right. You can download it as a Gif or video.

3. Giphy also is a free online gif maker. You can add backdrops and decorate them too with stickers, filters, and captions. Giphy is also an amazing place for downloading stickers and gifs like- Animated gifs, reaction gifs, entertainment gifs, etc. People also upload their own gifs as well as create them. Registration is required.

How to use Gify

  • After logging in, click on the top top right Create.
  • From there you can choose your images or videos.
  • I choose this gif that I made on Photoshop. Now you can add the caption, change its colour and animate it too.
  • You can also add stickers, like I have done so. Then there are stickers, filters and draw.
  • If you do not like something you can also press the arror key on the left corner of your image or video. When done click on continue to upload at the bottom.
  • Then Click on upload to giphy. You have the option of keeping it public or private.
  • Your Gif is ready. You can share it on social media platforms.

4. Imgflip

It is also the same as all the above gif makers. You can make gifs from videos or images. Image customization like- cropping, adding texts, images, adding stickers to your gif can be done. You can also make gifs from YouTube and other websites. Just copy-paste the URL.

How to use Imgflip

  • Click on create on the top left corner. It will show you different options. Click on the make a Gif.
  • There are two options – Video to Gif and Images to Gif.
  • Choose the images with which you want to create Gif. After uploading the images, you can adjust the delay, width and height. Make sure not to increase the height more than 500 otherwise it will ask to subscribe for paid version.
  • There are different options such as add text, image, draw, rotate the Gif.
  • You can also add title and tags.
  • Click on generate Gif.
  • You’re Gif is ready for download!

5. Online Image Editor

The last on the list is the online image editor. It is also great, and you do not need to register or log in to create gifs. Again the process is simple. Upload images or videos, paste the URL, and click on Create animation. Adjust the delay and transition setting. You are done! Video formats like- avi, mov, flv, mpg, msf, etc. are available.

How to use Oneline Image Editor

  • Click on Gifmaker. You don’t have to login or register.
  • Click on Choose file and upload them.
  • Adjust the delay and transition settings.
  • Then click on Create animation.
  • Now its time to edit your Gif. Click on Edit at Image Editor.
  • There are so many options you can explore. Here I have added border on my Gif. Click on the border. A box will open at the left side, where you can change the colour, width and type of border. Click on apply.
  • Same goes with the text option. When you click on the text option a box will apper at the left side where you can write the text, change the font, colour, stroke, and add shadow, rotation etc.
  • You can also explore other options.
  • You can undo, redo, or delete the image. Once you’re happy with your Gif, save it.


These free gif makers are easy to use and free of cost. If you want to learn how to make a gif in photoshop, then check out this article here-

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