Disadvantages of InDesign

Disadvantages of Adobe InDesign

What is InDesign?

InDesign is a publishing application that helps in creating print and digital documents. From newspapers to ebooks, brochures, flyers, and anything related to print media. It is a part of Adobe Softwares and is one of the most used applications in the field of Advertising and marketing.

We all know the advantages of this software but here we have compiled some major disadvantages of InDesign.

Disadvantages of InDesign

1. Heavy Application

The application takes a lot of space and can be draining for the computer.

2. Pricey

The monthly subscription of InDesign is around $20/month that can get quite expensive in the long run. There are so many softwares in the market which are way cheaper or have one time payment for life time.

3. Tricky layering

It can get confusing if you are working on multiple layers. With so many layers, you will have to check which layer has what and then edit.

4. Difficult to work with math type equation

Math type is time-consuming as it has to be done outside InDesign. Writing it in Word and then copying and pasting it in InDesign. But it also has the option of importing all the equations at once and saving them.

5. No editing tools

If you have vector or raster images in your document that needs some editing, then InDesign won’t do. You will need Photoshop, Illustrator, or some other similar software for that as it does not support image editing.

6. Not the best at making Logos and Symbols

You can make logos and all but, it can become time-consuming and frustrating as it does not have all the tools required for it. So, if you want to make detailed vector drawings, then Illustrator is the best.

7. Laggy

The more pages you are editing at once, the slower it gets. It also crashes and, large files take time to share or save. Even if your computer is brand new and up to date, the application makes it slow.

8. The trial period time given is not enough.

The trial period has been reduced to 7 days from 30 days which is not enough to explore and learn about this vast and complex software.

9. No Automatic Spell Checker

With InDesign being the most used software with large paragraphs and texts, you would think that it would have an automatic spell checker like Microsoft Word. But sadly it doesn’t. We know that it is a heavy application, but it would be highly appreciated if we do not have to go to another application for a quick check.

10. Learning curve

For beginners, it can be a lot to take in, as it is a vast application. And if you are someone who won’t need it regularly, then it can get quite difficult to have the motivation to learn this as it is not that intuitive for beginners. It is not difficult to work on but the large number of tools and funtions make it overwhelming. Sometimes even experienced users have to look up where a tool is. It is not something you can learn in a week. Mastering it will take a long time.

11. Different shortcut keys

The essential shortcut keys in all Adobe Software are not the same. It gets confusing and slows down your work as you have to remind yourself not to use the same keys again and again.

12. Incompatible version

You cannot open a new version file if you have an older version of InDesign or if it’s not up to date.

Adobe InDesign Features

You can design flyers, postcards, ebooks, menus, brochures, web layouts, posters, and many more things. If you want to know the uses and features in detail, then check out this article – https://crazy-graphics.in/top-10-uses-of-indesign/

Pro and cons of InDesign

1. It is flexible and has a variety of tools. Slow and will crash a lot if your laptop/computer is old.
2. Has lots of tools and resources available if you know how to use them Pricey
3. It has a cloud library that the whole team can access if one member shares any files or documents. Heavy application
4. Easy to take feedback from other members of the team. Not good for image editing
5. You can work on multiple pages at once Shortcut keys for essentials are different from other adobe software that gets confusing.
6. Integration with other Adobe software like Illustrator, Photoshop is pretty seamless.
Its dashboard is highly customizable.
No live group editing option. It means you cannot edit them together with your team. You can always share your work and take feedback from your team.
7. Its dashboard is highly customizable. Not intuitive for beginners. Also, there is no new user guide.
8. Worth the money if you are in the advertising or marketing business.
9.The pdf generation tool is really good. Also, InDesign provides many different formats for exporting your files like pdf, txt, jpg, etc.


Overall, great software for printing and publishing work. Though, it is a little slow. That is to be expected, considering its vast capabilities. Also, you always have Adobes team support if there are any major issues.

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