Cool Things You Can Do In Photoshop

Photoshop has something for everyone, be it a beginner, intermediate or advanced user. Every year the software comes up with new updates and features. That makes it easier for people to use it. You can do n number of things in Photoshop. We will start with beginners, and then there is a list for intermediate and advanced users.

Fun things you can do on Photoshop when bored

Cool things beginners can do on Photoshop

  1. Make photo collages
  2. Automatic cropping
  3. Color effects and filters
  4. Making Gifs with pictures
  5. Restoring old images
  6. Changing background color

Cool things intermediate or advanced users can do on Photoshop.

  1. Action Sequence Shot
  2. Double Exposure
  3. Make Cinemagraphs
  4. Dripping Effect
  5. Water Reflections
  6. Glowing Objects
  7. Wall art
  8. Dispersion Effect
  9. Glowing Outlines
  10. 3D Effect
  11. Digital Makeup
  12. Watercolor Art
  13. Fake Light Effect

1. Make photo collage

When we are learning something new, we want to make something and see results; so that we are not discouraged. You can start with making cool photo collages and sharing them on social media. It is not difficult and easy to do.

2. Automatic Cropping

I am sure many of you do not know about this feature. Automatic cropping can automatically crop and straighten images. But it only works when the image has different photos inside it (like a collage). It automatically crops, straightens the individual images and opens them in different tabs.

3. Color Effects and Filters

To add drama to your picture, play with different filters and effects. You can also try gradient maps. To use Filters=> go to filter and explore different options. Increase or decrease the opacity to make the effects look better.

4. Gifs with Pictures

Another thing you can explore and have fun with is making gifs. Making gifs with pictures in Photoshop is easy. Just stack up the images and make frames from layers and that is it.

Check out the full tutorial here –

5. Restoring Old Images

Restore your grandparents’ old damaged pictures. Use tools like spot healing, patch tool. You can also turn them from black and white to colored. It is fun and reminds you of your childhood.

6. Change the color of your Clothes and Background.

Another fun thing to do when you are just learning is changing the background of your images. I used to do it a lot when I just started learning. It was so much fun.

7. Flowing-text effect

This is also pretty easy and fun to do. You can use features like warp text and with the help of different shapes.

You can watch this video –

Cool things you can do on Photoshop

Cool things intermediate or advanced Photoshop users can do when bored.

1. Action sequenced photo

For this, you will need a video and take screenshots from it. Stack up these images in Photoshop, select and mask each image, and that is it. Keep in mind while using any video/shooting video that the camera does not move too much.

2. Double exposure

Double images are a lot of fun to make. The best thing about it is that you can do this with your image. You just have to click the side profile of your picture. And combine it with some other image.

Insert image

3. Cinemagraphs

It is one of my favorite things to do. The continuous loop makes it stand out among other images and leaves a lasting impression. There are so many tutorials where you can get inspiration and make your own.

4. Melting/Dripping effect

5. Make water reflections

Yes, you can make fake water reflections of literally anything in Photoshop using the Displacement tool.

6. Glowing objects

I love anything glowy. Either be a glowing moon, butterflies, unicorns, flowers. Select the object and use the Gaussian blur tool from filter=> blur=> Gaussian Blur.

7. Wall art

Use displacement tool, and choose blend overlay. It will give the texture of the wall to the object.

8. Dispersion effect

The dispersion effect is another fun thing you can do with your pictures. You will find tons of YouTube videos on this one.

9. Glowing outlines on image

Making colorful outlines around the image or glowing outlines gives it a fun look. It is also trending a lot on social media these days. Here are some of the inspirations and videos you can check out.

10. 3d text effect

There is a 3d panel in photoshop where you can give 3d effects to your texts or shapes. Here’s a basic and short tutorial you can check out.

11. Change the color of your clothes and background

Another fun thing to do when you are just learning is changing the background of your images. I used to do it a lot when I just started learning. It was so much fun.

12. Do makeup

We all know that we can do skin retouching in photoshop, but we can also do proper makeup. If you are a makeup lover, then you will love doing this.

13. Watermark your work

14. Turn yourself into a cartoon character

15. Make yourself a model of a magazine

15. Turn your images into Watercolor Art

16. Fake light effect

Funny Things To Do On Photoshop

  • Make caricatures faces of your friends
  • Animal hybrids
  • Memes
  • Photoshop yourself in celebrity photos
  • Photoshop yourself with your pets body or face
  • Insert yourself in movie posters or movie scenes
  • Make your friends look like aliens
  • Turn yourself into bloodsucking vampires
  • Become a mermaid
  • Use neural filters on friends and family to make them look older or younger.

Photoshop Ideas and Projects to try

Here are some ideas and projects you can try and give your own twist to them.

Fish inside bulb

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