Best Way to Learn Photoshop for Free

We all know the best way to learn Photoshop for free is through YouTube videos. YouTube is a platform where you can find and learn skills and people from all places of life. Either be from doctors to businesswomen to productive gurus, travelers, fashionistas. You can find your jam there and learn. The same is true for Photoshop. You can find tons of videos on YouTube, from the basics to intermediate. 

Here I have made a list of some YouTube channels which will help you in mastering Photoshop. The list is not that long because I have chosen only what I think are the best.

Are you thinking about how you will learn Photoshop for free? Here we have compiled a list of the best YouTube and websites from where you can learn Photoshop.

Learn Photoshop Online Step by Step with these YouTube channels

1. Bring Your Own Laptop (Daniel Walter Scott)

Daniel Walter Scott’s Adobe Photoshop cc Essential Training Course is the only Photoshop tutorial you will need if you are a beginner. When I started learning Photoshop, I purchased this course from Udemy, and it was worth every penny. Now it is available for free on YouTube. I have put this on the top of the list because I know that this is perfect for beginners. And if you don’t like this then you can move on to other tutorials here.

2. Piximperfect

If you are a beginner who has no idea about photoshop and needs step-by-step instruction about where each tool is and how it is used, watch Unmesh Dinda’s videos. He explains everything to a T and his videos are detailed. You do not have to look anywhere else just watch his videos.

3. Phlearn

Another YouTube channel just like Piximperfect is Phlearn. With over a million followers on YouTube. Phlearn and Piximperfect are the best options; if you want to learn Photoshop for free.

Best websites to learn Photoshop for free

1. Phlearn

On Phlearn, you can find paid as well as free Photoshop tutorials. Most of these are of Photoshop and Lightroom. The sample images are also included with PSD, except in the old tutorials. There are more than 14 plus pages of different Photoshop tutorials.

2. Planet Photoshop

Another amazing website with tons of free Photoshop tutorials is Planet Photoshop. It has more than 150 pages. With topics like highlight, blur, shading, masking, etc. Whatever you can think of, it has it all covered. They also make videos on videography.

3. Photoshop Café

Another great website, Photoshop Café has free as well as premium tutorials. They have covered all basics of photoshop, and they have a separate section for photoshop basics tutorials, special effects, tips. They have also done a lot of live streams.

Photoshop Basics –

4. 2 Minute Design

It is great for people who do not have the patience to watch long videos of 15 -20 minutes. 2 Min Design as the name suggests, the videos are 2-3 minutes short. These are to the point, and unlike other videos, you also get to learn new things in Photoshop.

Learn Photoshop from scratch –

5. Photoshop Essentials

Another great website where you can learn Photoshop for free. Whether it be Photoshop with a different column like basics, photo editing, photo effects, text effect. The whole website is dedicated to Photoshop only. All the tutorials are related to Photoshop only.

Photoshop Basics –

6. Julieanne Kost’s blog

Even though most of her training courses are paid, you can find some hidden gems of articles on Photoshop, such as customization, shortcuts, tips to increase productivity in Photoshop, Layer masking tips, etc. Julieanne has been in the Photoshop hall of fame.

Adobe Photoshop Free Online Course with Certificate

I could only find one free Photoshop course which provides a certificate of completion. It is from Educba.

Here is the link –

There are other free photoshop courses available, but they do not provide a certificate of completion. But you can get certificate courses for cheap. These are some of the websites you can check out –

Udemy free Photoshop courses –

Udemy Photoshop courses with Certificates –

Note – Please do not purchase Udemy courses for Rs 3000/4000. Wait for their sale in which the price comes down to around Rs 500/600.


Alison –

If you want to learn Photoshop Manipulation for free check out this article –

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